Alphanet 21" Honeycomb Nylon Hair Net

Color: Black


    • KLEEN CHEF Alphanet, 21" Nylon Honeycomb Hair Net, Latex Free,100 Pieces
    • DESIGNED FOR COMFORT: Perfect for men or women with different hair types. Made from soft, comfortable and flame-resistant nylon. Each honeycomb has an aperture of 1/8th of an inch to lightly sit on your head without slipping or falling down. This hair net is extremely reliable for comfort and security.
    • DURABLE ALL DAY WEAR: With its strong nylon materials, this net is durable for all day wear. Flame-resistant nylon is made for use in any hospitals, labs, general maintenance or food service industries.
    • ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION: FDA Compliant and approved for food handling, these nets are ideal for professionals in many industries including food handling, food processing, industrial kitchen, beauty and salons, medical facilities, chemical processing and more! Latex-free materials, ideal for anyone with latex allergies.
    • EASY CLEAN UP: Disposable caps designed for one-time-use and effortless clean up! No more mess in your kitchen, work station, or bathroom!

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