Industrial Cleaning Supplies

Properly maintaining any facility, large or small, is an important task that requires high-quality supplies. Bison Life carries a wide variety of commercial mop and broom heads designed for thorough and efficient industrial cleaning. We also have wearable industrial supplies like heavy-duty, water-resistant bib aprons to protect skin and clothing from water, food, chemicals and any other materials during cleaning and handling. Increase the cleanliness and safety of your facility by choosing our industrial cleaning supplies today.

KLEEN HANDLER Mop Heads for Industrial Cleaning

Bison Life's KLEEN HANDLER brand includes some of the most effective and versatile mop heads online for industrial cleaning. Choose from cotton and non-woven mop heads for up to 80% more absorption and less lint than traditional mop heads. They also won't unravel and can be laundered up to 100 times for long-lasting efficiency. Shop mop heads and other industrial supplies from Bison Life.