Multi Surface Push Broom - Coarse Polypropylene and Polystyrene Heavy-Duty Floor Sweep Broom

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Product Description

BISON LIFE Multi-Surface Push Broom

Bison Life Multi-Surface Push Brooms are designed with polypropylene material with a stiff inner core for moving large debris and a soft border for picking up finer particles. This push broom head can be used both indoors and outdoors. A secure, solid connection between the broom head and handle gives you a confident clean every time. It is convenient to use and trusted for various cleaning usages such as: cleaning off a dirty wall, grease stain on the floor, corners, recesses, grooves and grout lines. It has rough bristles on the inside of broom for sweeping up larger particles and softer bristles on the outside to sweep up smaller particles. This floor sweep push broom is suitable for reliable use in the most demanding industrial, household and janitorial applications.

Anti-Scratch Bristles

Durable polypropylene bristles have a soft to medium texture, that successfully removes dirt from a variety of floor surfaces. It is resistant to heat and chemicals and can pick up large debris and small particles making it a truly "all-purpose" broom. The structural block resists cracking, splitting, warping and rotting and helps prevent bacteria growth. Debris can be easily washed off the bristles, or the broom can be gently tapped on the ground so that the debris will fall off, ensuring a clean broom for the next time around.

Easy to Assemble

This broom is very easy to assemble, it will only take one minute to attach the broom to its twist in handle. The handle connects easily and securely to the broom head. The angle of the broom to floor adds support and stability. The point for attachment on the top of the broom is designed to work with threaded broom handles. This type of broom is perfect for sweeping up large and sometimes heavy debris on various surfaces. Applicable for industrial, residential and janitorial cleaning.

Built to Last

This broom can be easily cleaned by washing it under the tap or in the pressure of an outdoor hose. Shake or rinse the broom after each use to remove excess debris. For best results, hang it to store. Keep broom fibers away from the wall and off the floor to keep the bristles in the best shape. Its heavy-duty plastic block won't crack, warp or mildew, while the memory bristles retain their shape for long-lasting sweeping performance.

Efficient Sweeping

This sturdy push broom is made with a combination of mechanically split and solid poly fibers for thorough cleaning on most hard surfaces. Bristles in the broom easily gather up dust, hair, paper scrapes on floors and carpets, resulting in increasing the efficiency 50% more than a normal broom. The bristles make this push broom perfect for sweeping rough surfaces. Built for tough jobs, the broom has both soft and stiff bristles for extra scrubbing power. It features a heavy-duty resin block with polypropylene fibers designed to efficiently sweep up dirt and debris quickly.


Ease of Use



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  • Push broom floor sweep has heavy-duty polypropylene bristles that resist stains and odors.
  • Multi purpose push broom floor sweep has two-threaded handle holes on either side of block for even wear.
  • Push broom floor sweep is designed for reliable use in the most demanding industrial applications.
  • Push broom angle brace adds support and stability.
  • Push broom handles sold separately.

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