SAFE HANDLER Handyman Furniture Gloves

Size: 12 Pairs
Color: Multi




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SAFE HANDLER Handyman Furniture Gloves

SAFE HANDLER Handyman Furniture Gloves with Multi Patch Leather Design. Our leather gloves are designed with thick, multicolor grain leather for excellent durability and structure. The grain leather used offers a heavy mass of materials, aiding in superior protection. This also allows gloves to last longer, maintaining their original structure.

Industrial work and maintenance, construction zones, carpentry, or renovation - no matter the job, your hands will be in good shape and have you covered with SAFE HANDLER gloves.








· Built for Safety and Protection

Safe Handler Handyman Furniture Gloves are an excellent option for safety and protection when heavy lifting or moving. Constructed with tough grain leather that improves the overall function and durability of your glove and your employee's productivity.



· High Quality, Comfortable Design

Smooth, high-quality grain leather material aids in physical ease and ultimate comfort while performing constructive and dexterous tasks. A 3" wide white canvas cuff is used for easy on and off as well as additional wrist protection. These gloves are as tough and long-lasting as they are comfortable for pure tactile excellence.



· Excellent Durability

Top grain leather is ideal for tasks that may require heavy-duty, sturdy hand protection. The soft leather appearance includes multicolored leather for a stylish look. Material is substantially strong with an excellent grip for ultimate convenience.



· High Quality, Top Grain Leather

Top Grain Leather is utilized for many general-purpose usages in environments including heavy lifting, maintenance, renovation, carpentry and more! This quality leather is as soft as it is durable and hard-wearing. Premium grain leather is lightweight, offering a naturally breathable feature. Our Handyman Furniture Gloves are simultaneously defensive and tangible to allow a more perceptible touch when working on dexterous projects or tasks.




  • SAFE HANDLER Handyman Furniture Gloves, Multi-Colored Leather, 10.5" x 5.75", 12 Pairs
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & VERSATILE: The last thing you want is heavy gloves when working on machinery or various projects. That’s why these work gloves are constructed with light materials for a more versatile function. The thick grain leather offers an excellent grip, allowing you and your employees to effortlessly lift and grasp tools or objects.
  • EXTRA PROTECTION: The thicker the material, the more protection! A 3” white canvas safety cuff can be found near the wrist of the glove. This safeguards your hands and wrist for better protection with a wide opening to aid in improved airflow & ventilation.
  • EXCELLENT DURABILITY: The grain leather used is ideal for jobs that require ultimate hardiness and durability in your gloves. Whether you’re moving or heavy lifting, these gloves will keep their quality over time. This material is also very tight, aiding in moisture resistance.
  • VARIOUS ENVIRONMENTS: Ideal for jobs that require heat resistance and high performance. May be used in industrial, carpentry, construction, and manufacturing environments.

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