Quick Change High Impact Plastic Head Mop Handler (Pack of 6)


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  • BISON LIFE Mop Handle, 6 pcs  mop handle
  • EFFICIENT SIDE RELEASE GATE: Sturdy, high-impact plastic head features a side release gate that allows for fast, easy, and effortless mop head changes.
  • DESIGNED FOR EASE & DURABILITY: Features an easy-to-use thumb-wheel adjustment to tighten the mop head in place for light or heavy-duty applications.
  • EASE IN USE: Once the grip on the mop head is loosened and the gate is opened, the mop head simply slides off and can be touch-free for added ease and cleanliness.
  • ADDED LENGTH & USAGE: 63” overall length for better reach. Commercial, Industrial, and Residential wet mop heads sold separately. For use with, or without, mop bucket with wringer.

KLEEN HANDLER The thumbwheel quick-release mop head handle is built with an easy release lever that opens with ease to remove the soiled mop head with minimal handling. This ensures your hands can stay cleaner and drier from start to finish. Mop handles are made of hard metal for durability and resistance to bacteria. This mop head features a convenient and easy-to-use thumbwheel that allows mop heads to be easily loosened or tightened in place. It also makes it easier to remove or replace mop heads. Suitable for use in various environments including, residential, industrial, commercial, health care facilities, foodservice applications, and general building maintenance. The plastic head is designed to be sturdy and sanitary. It decreases bacterial spread, won’t rust or corrode, and minimizes contamination as your hands don't need to touch the dirty mop. Simply unlatching the side release gate unlocks the dirty mophead and allows you to remove it without being hands-on.



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