Bump Cap With 4 Point Pin lock Suspension HDPE Cap Style, Non-Retail Packaging (Pack of 2)

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Caution: Bump Caps are not designed for protection against impact from falling or glancing objects. Does not meet ANSI Z89.1 requirements. The Bison Life Promise Bison Life is dedicated to providing healthful, gentle and safe personal care products for the entire family. We continuously strive to be your trusted partner in wellness and exceed your expectations. We would like to hear from you with any comments or suggestions

  • Bump Cap Protection from minor bumps where ANSI standards are not required
  • Hard Hat Lightweight for comfort
  • Bump Cap 4 pt. pin-lock suspension features an absorbent brow pad
  • Bump Cap Pin lock sizing from head sizes 61/2 to 81/4
  • Hard Hat Sweat band sold separately