CovertX Ear Plugs | Noise Reducing Ear Plug, Corded, Black with Red Cord

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  • SAFE HANDLER CovertX Ear Plugs, Black with Red Cord (5 Pairs)
  • DESIGN: CovertX Ear Plugs are easy to put in and stay put! They are comfortable with 3 flexible layers of support and noise blocking design. The TPR material offers the ability to stretch and bend to fit in the ear canal, then returns to its original shape creating a longer life and better physical range than other materials.
  • CORDED: CovertX Ear Plugs are attached to a red cord for enhanced visibility, which also helps enable fast and easy insertion and removal where there is no concern over dropping or losing one! With a triple-flange design, these earplugs offer a snug but gentle fit. Ideal for many instances where reduced noise is desirable. Some uses may include office space, home, sleeping, airplanes, trains, concerts, festivals, stadium sports, etc.
  • WASHABLE & REUSABLE: Made of TPR material, thermoplastic rubber is incredibly durable and lightweight. TPR has good abrasion, weather, and tear resistance which increases the life expectancy and longevity of the effectiveness of your earplugs. They are washable, reusable, safe, and comfortable! CE EN352-2 standard.
  • USAGE: These sound reducing earplugs are great to use in a variety of places you might prefer or need noise reduction, but still want to maintain the sound quality that you can enjoy and decipher. Whether you are toning down a snoring bedmate, trying to focus more directly on your own task at hand with less distraction from your immediate surroundings, or protecting your ears from loud music or construction, these CovertX Ear Plugs are a great choice to have on hand!

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