Diamont Grey Vented Over Impact Resistant Safety Glasses Fits Adult and Youth


Color: Gray
Package Quantity: Pack of 1
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  • SAFE HANDLER Diamont Vented Over Impact Resistant Safety Glasses For Men and Women, Gray and Amber
  • BUILT FOR COMFORT & VENTILATION: Fits most head sizes comfortably without slipping. Ventilated temple joints work great for increased airflow, keeping you cool throughout the day
  • OVER GLASSES FIT: Works with and without prescription glasses. Simply slip on over glasses so that you can see clearly in any situation.
  • FULL COVERAGE PROTECTION: Full coverage protection, ready to help safeguard you from splashes or airborne particles. Molded side shields help for all-around visibility and a high level of direct and peripheral eye protection from flying particles or debris.
  • USED FOR VARIOUS ENVIRONMENTS: Whether it’s automotive, construction, painting, laboratory work, industrial, or carpentry – these glasses will have you covered and protected from splashes, dust, etc.
  • ONE SIZE - fits For Men and Women, and older children.

The SAFE HANDLER Diamont Vented Over Glasses provide protection from splashes, debris, dust, wood chips, and more! Provides full protection to wear over your regular prescription glasses. These scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses meet ANSI Z87.1 standards, confirming you and your employees are protected in most situations. Industrial safety, construction, carpentry, renovation, maintenance - no matter the job, your premium over glasses are suitable for numerous tasks and projects to ensure you are fully protected with ultimate comfort and a perfect fit. Are all safety glasses the same? Think again. Safety will always be a top priority especially for employees in high-risk industries and those exposed to occupational hazards. In choosing the right safety glasses, most of us associate durability with safety. Is that really all to it? Safety is also about compatibility, functionality, and fit. And when it comes to safety glasses, these should be included in the non-negotiable qualities of finding a pair suited just right for your needs.

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