Diamont Kids Safety Glasses | Assorted Color for Children, Vented Side Shield Protection, Use With or Without Prescription Glasses

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  • SAFE HANDLER Diamont Kids Safety Glasses, Vented Over Glasses Safety Glasses for KIDS
  • BUILT FOR COMFORT & VENTILATION: Fits most children ages 3-8 comfortably and without slipping. Ventilated temple joints work great for increased circulation of airflow, which helps keep kids cool with less chance of fogging up the lenses.
  • OVER THE GLASSES FIT: Works with and without prescription glasses. Use over glasses so that children who wear prescription glasses have full brow and side shield protection and safety. Fits kids head sizes comfortably.
  • FULL COVERAGE PROTECTION: Full coverage, impact resistant, ANSI Z 87.1 standard, with 99% UV protection to safeguard children from splashes, debris and airborne particles. Molded, built-in side shields help provide protection with all around visibility while maintain a high level of direct and peripheral eye protection.
  • USED FOR VARIOUS ENVIRONMENTS: Ideal for wearing during rapid fire blaster play, science experiments, sports, painting, and a variety of other activities while at home, daycare or school – these glasses will help keep kids eyes protected from splashes, flying debris and airborne particles.

SAFE HANDLER Kids Diamont Vented Over Glasses Safety Glasses are a good fit for young children’s small faces. They are designed for comfort and purpose featuring vented temples that increase circulation of airflow, which helps keep the lenses from fogging. The single piece of polycarbonate allows for a frameless, unobstructed view. Young children who wear corrective prescription glasses are in luck with these over the glasses safety glasses. They can be worn over prescription glasses helping achieve clear vision with full brow and built-in side shield protection. Meanwhile everyone can experience the range of full coverage protection. The Kids Diamont Safety Glasses offer impact resistance, meet ANSI Z87.1 standards and have 99% UV Protection. Kids safety glasses can be worn for a variety of reasons, during various activities and in various environments where eye protection from flying debris, splashes and airborne protection is needed.

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