Disposable Food Handling Long Cuff Poly Gloves - One Size Fits Most, 525 per Box (2 Boxes)

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KLEEN CHEF Long, angle cut cuff HDPE gloves are a customized solution to reduce risks of food contamination and provide extra-protection to your hands while performing different tasks. These gloves are widely used in the food industry and are also designed for use in other fields like maintenance, cleaning, painting, safety, etc. Featuring a long-cuff, the gloves act as a shield to your hands, protecting it from contact with oils, toxic chemicals, corrosives, stains, germs and more. These gloves are without doubt a protective and appropriate alternative that meet all your specific-task related requirements. Smooth finish, single use and ambidextrous to fit either hand with an extra-long angle cut cuff for additional protection made from HDPE material for more durability and better comfort approved for food handling – complies with FDA protocols.Food preparation, industrial cleaning, dying hair in the salon or at home, crafting, or painting the house - - no matter the job, your hands will be clean, and have you covered with KLEEN CHEF Disposable Gloves.

  • KLEEN CHEF High-Density Polyethylene Disposable Gloves, 525 per box, Pack of 2 boxes
  • DESIGNED FOR COMFORT: HDPE material for more durability & better comfort, easy to wear & remove
  • APPROVED FOR FOOD HANDLING: Compliant with FDA and U.S. Food & Drug protocols
  • BUILT FOR CLEANLINESS & PROTECTION: 0.9g, 12.5” Extra-long for additional protection and coverage. One-time use makes for an easy and quick clean up.
  • USE AT HOME OR AT WORK. Ideal for use in industrial kitchens, salons, food handling, cleaning, painting, and more!