Disposable Nitrile Cleaning Gloves Powder Free, (Pallet-84 Cases)


Size: Small
Package Quantity: Pack of 84000
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  • KLEEN CHEF Disposable Nitrile Cleaning Gloves Powder Free, One Case-1000 Pieces (10 Boxes)
  • Sensitive Skin Gloves – Disposable nitrile gloves are a perfect combination between latex gloves and vinyl gloves, not too thin, not too thick. Most nitrile gloves create less compression and are more puncture resistant. Powder free nitrile gloves are made with an allergy free compound that is stronger and more comfortable to wear. Blue nitrile gloves are latex free and silicon free with some antistatic properties.
  • Details – Powder free food prep gloves, or cleaning gloves, are made from high-quality synthetic nitrile material to help protect your hands and prevent contamination. Extra strength durability with 9 MIL finger thickness and 7 MIL thickness for the palms. Featuring a beaded cuff for tear resistance and an ambidextrous fit for comfort and ease of effort. Stretchy and puncture resistant, disposable gloves for men and women that are great for tactile sensitivity.
  • Multipurpose Gloves – Designed to be extremely versatile these nitrile exam gloves are ready to be used in a wide spectrum of situations to ensure minimized direct contact and prevent unnecessary risk. Great for sensitive skin, nitrile gloves are latex and powder free. The quality material of the disposable gloves can provide the ability for flexible stretching without tearing or puncture. They come in dispensing compact boxes that you can easily stack, store away or place in dispenser holders.
  • Safety – Using these as cleaning gloves will leave you worry free while working with toxins, household chemicals, harsh detergents, bleach, dyes, etc. Wearing plastic disposable gloves while out in public can help stop the spread. Maintain hygiene in high-risk public spaces like the grocery store, doctor’s office, schools, buses, or trains, salons, etc. Whether using plastic gloves for food related, cleaning related, or other purposes, you’ll be covered!

Designed for professional use, these Nitrile Disposable Gloves by Kleen Chef are best suited for cleaning room, food handling, and controlled environment applications. They offer good chemical resistance and anti-static protection. These Blue Nitrile Gloves are made of 100% nitrile latex and do not contain protein, which effectively avoids protein allergies. These are powder-free and made with an allergy-free compound that is stronger and comfortable to wear compared to latex gloves. Manufactured with a synthetic nitrile material, it reduces friction and increases puncture resistance, and offers excellent chemical resistance, especially to grease, oil, and gasoline. It is a must-have glove in a profession like laboratory printing, health, beauty salons and food processing, factory workshops, vehicle maintenance, etc. With an ambidextrous fit, these gloves can be used by both men and women. The most outstanding feature of these gloves is that it is very soft and resistant. It can also reduce hand fatigue and protect your hands from exposure to any harmful chemicals. With advantages such as durability, strength, low generation of waste, and other environmental benefits, these gloves are thicker as compared to the other disposable type owing to which they last longer and do not tear easily, which ensures improved hand protection, especially in a heavy-duty work environment.

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