Hybrid Disposable Food Handling Long Cuff TPE Gloves, Powder and Latex Free


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  • KLEEN CHEF Food Service Hybrid TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) Disposable Gloves, 10.5" inches
  • MATERIAL: TPE is a perfect mixture of rubber and plastic that offers a smooth, comfortable feel, which is easy to wear while working with your hands. An added benefit that these gloves offer is the ability to stretch moderately and return to their normal shape - and they’re easy to put on and take off!
  • DESIGN & COMFORT: Designed for safety, comfort, and hygiene made from a hybrid TPE material, these smooth and silky disposable gloves provide heightened durability, comfort, and cleanliness! Keep your hands clean and moisture out!
  • DISPOSABLE: Powder-free and latex-free disposable gloves meant for single use only. Fantastic for quick clean-up and great at reducing the risk of contamination, while also helping prevent the spread of unhealthy bacteria.
  • USAGE: Bulk box of disposable gloves, safe for food handling, industrial kitchen, beauty & salon, cleaning, painting, art projects, etc.

KLEEN CHEF Thermoplastic Elastomer Disposable Gloves have a sleek and easy touch, making it effortless to wear and remove in fast-paced environments. Includes an excellent tactile sensation in direct contact with skin. Designed with TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), which is a precise mixture of rubber and plastic that creates a satisfying silky feel. Developed for safe use in contact with food handling and conveniently disposable for quick and easy cleanup. These gloves are often favorable when working with oily or greasy food types. The hybrid stretch-ability is strong enough to be used in a broad range of activities. Flexible, affordable, and comfortable, TPE gloves may be used in various usages. Safe applications and usages. Safe for food handling, industrial kitchen, beauty and salon, cleaning, painting, etc.


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