SAFE HANDLER High Visibility Tech Gloves

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SAFE HANDLER High Visibility Tech Gloves

Safe Handler High Visibility Tech Gloves are designed with a soft Polyurethane, Polyester, Nylon, and Spandex blend which provides excellent

protection and skillful performance. The Breathable and flexible spandex backing with lightweight materials is utilized for less heat retention and

discomfort. Stay focused on your project without distractions of heat and moisture build-up in your glove! Both palms and knuckles have

reinforced fabric for less wear on your gloves and more protection for your hands! These mechanical gloves also have an elastic wristband that

works great for keeping your hand securely fastened in place. Take any phone call or text, as these tech gloves are touch screen compatible for

your best convenience! Available in S/M and L/XL to fit most hand shapes and sizes.

Ideal for various environments including Automotive, Maintenance, Masonry, Carpentry, Construction or Renovation - no matter the job, your hands

will be in good shape and have you covered with SAFE HANDLER gloves.








· Built for Safety and Protection

Safe Handler High Visibility Tech Gloves an ideal option for reflective safety on the road or in poorly lit environments. Constructed with durable materials, offering less wear & tear on your work gloves and more protection for your hands. Reinforced palm and knuckle protection is a multipurpose feature that improves the longevity of your gloves and protects your hands from cuts or abrasions.



· High Quality, Comfortable Design

The soft knit blend is comfortable and fits snug on your hand allowing ultimate tactile excellence. Lightweight and mesh materials will allow you to work longer with fewer distractions of fatigue and a build-up of heat. Wrists are fitted with elastic for better convenience on the job.



· Fitted Wrists

Working in fast-paced work environments often require you to take your gloves on and off throughout the day. The elastic wrist bands built into the cuff are ideal for these types of work environments. Keep your gloves securely fastened when thereon and allow yourself to quickly take them off when needed.



· Multipurpose Function

The easy on and off elastic cuffs are perfect for quick wear and removal in fast-paced work environments. Your hand will fit securely fixed in place, thanks to the snug fitted wide cuff wrist. These lightweight work gloves are great for various tasks, projects, and environments, as they are lightweight and durable for safety and protection in the workplace. Say goodbye to removing your gloves every time you want to send a text. The textured fingers and thumbs are touch screen compatible, making it effortless to check your phone or make a call in the middle of a work project or task. How's that for convenience!




  • SAFE HANDLER High Visibility Tech Gloves (Touch Screen) L/XL
  • ULTIMATE PROTECTION & TOUCH SCREEN COMPATIBLE: These gloves are lightweight and ideal for many different tasks that require hand protection. The textured, touch screen capable fingertips allow you to use your phone while working on various tasks that require hand protection in the workplace.
  • PALM & KNUCKLE SHELL FOR COMFORT: Thanks to their thick and protective reinforced rubber palm and knuckle shell, these gloves offer supplementary comfort when leaning or putting weight on your hands. Breathable spandex is added for you to remain comfortable, without any irritation throughout the entire workday!
  • EASY ON & OFF: Wide cuffs are added near the wrist for ultimate convenience and comfort in slipping them on and off throughout the day.
  • USED FOR VARIOUS ENVIRONMENTS: These excellent shielding gloves are used for various environments whether it’s automotive, carpentry, maintenance, construction & more!

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