SAFE HANDLER Reinforced Leather Gloves

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SAFE HANDLER Reinforced Leather Gloves

Safe Handler Reinforced Leather Gloves are designed with soft polyurethane, nylon, TDI, polyester, and spandex blend which provides excellent protection and skillful performance. The suede Insulated palm and fingers have a soft cushion utilized for extra padded support and comfort. These mechanical gloves also come with a reinforced thumb and knuckles for extra protection to you and your work gloves. Available in S/M and L/XL to fit most hand shapes and sizes.

For industrial environments, carpentry, maintenance and more! - no matter the job, your hands will be in good shape and have you covered with SAFE HANDLER gloves.








· Built for Safety and Protection

Safe Handler Reinforced Leather Gloves are made with a soft, suede leather palm and an adjustable strap to keep your hand securely fastened in your work gloves. The light, mesh materials allow enough airflow to keep the glove from retaining heat. These materials are durable and high quality for you and your employees' ultimate convenience and protection.



· High Quality, Comfortable Design

The soft polyester knit blend is comfortable and fits snug on your hand allowing tactile excellence. For those with latex sensitivities, these gloves are latex-free and approved for food handling. Lightweight materials will allow you to work longer with fewer distractions of fatigue and a build-up of heat.



· Reinforced Thumb & Knuckle Padding

Extra reinforced fabric and padding is added to the palms, knuckles, and thumbs in order to protect you from abrasions, sparks, and high heat temperatures. The extra padding also offers less wear and tear on your work gloves. This heavy mass of reinforced fabric will make a noticeable difference in your performance and the longevity of your work gloves.



· Multipurpose Function

An adjustable hook & loop closure keeps your hand securely fixed in place when wearing. The adjustable strap allows you to achieve the perfect fit. These lightweight gloves are great for multipurpose projects, tasks, and environments as they are lightweight, durable and excellent for safety and protection in the workplace. Automotive, maintenance, masonry, carpentry, construction or renovation - no matter the job, your hands will be in good shape and have you covered with SAFE HANDLER gloves.




  • SAFE HANDLER Reinforced Leather Gloves L/XL
  • BUILT FOR PROTECTION: Durable, reinforced leather and suede padding is utilized for greater protection and a longer lasting glove.
  • ADDITIONAL COMFORT: Thanks to their breathable materials and snug fit, these gloves can be worn for long periods of time. Wear these gloves all day long without slippage or discomfort as they come with a convenient hook & loop closure. Suede padded palm and reinforced thumb & knuckle padding are included for extra cushion and advanced comfort.
  • ADJUSTABLE FIT: A handy hook & loop closure is added near the wrist for the perfect fit, assuring there will be no slippage or discomfort. Adjustable for all hand shapes and sizes.
  • USED FOR VARIOUS ENVIRONMENTS: These superior, shielding gloves are used for various environments whether it’s automotive, carpentry, maintenance, construction & more!

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