SAFE HANDLER Contrasting Reflective Safety Vest

Material type: Nylon
Size: XX-Large 2 Pack


SAFE HANDLER Contrasting Reflective Safety Vest

SAFE HANDLER EVERYDAY Series Contrasting Reflective Safety Vests are ideal for construction environments. It is also suitable for numerous work and

recreational applications which require excellent visibility on the roadside or workplace environment. 2" contrasting reflective tape on the front and back is

extremely effective at creating high visibility on the streets at night. Fluorescent fabric is perfect for public safety. Easy to wear with other garments and gear in warm or cold climates. 100% GSM Knitted Polyester Fabric ensures that the high visibility color will not fade. Front zipper for the ultimate convenience in quickly taking vest on or off, while maintaining a secure and safe fit while in use. Conforms to ANSI Class 2 standard.

Image of a full view of a Safe Handler Contrasting Reflective Safety Vest

· Built for Visibility Safety and Protection

New bright colored Contrasting Reflective Safety Vests are for maximum visibility, safety, and protection. Materials meet ANSI requirements and are suitable for many different applications that require excellent visibility. 2" thick contrasting reflective tape is placed on the front and back of the vest so that you're noticeable and bright in poorly lit environments.

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