SAFE HANDLER Disposable Poly Aprons | 1.21 Mil Thickness, Waterproof and Disposable, Box of 50 (1 Box)

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Size:Box of 50

SAFE HANDLER Disposable Poly Aprons are designed with textured surface & waterproof material that protects and keeps clothing clean and dry. Disposable for fast clean up and less washing expenses. Each apron suitably dispenses from the box they come in. Washing dishes, industrial cleaning, bussing tables, painting, or working in the salon - no matter the job, your clothes will be in great shape and have you covered with SAFE HANDLER disposable aprons. The full-sized 28” x 55”, 1.21 Mil Poly Apron is disposable as well as durable for easy clean up and successfully protected clothing. The wide neck opening assures convenience when wearing and taking off.

  • SAFE HANDLER Disposable Poly Aprons, White, 28” x 55”
  • DESIGNED FOR CONVENIENCE: Disposable for quick cleanup and minimized washing expenses. 28” x 55” disposable 1.21 Mil polyethylene apron sanitarily and individually dispenses from a box.
  • EASY TO ADJUST: Extra-long ties to accommodate individual comfort preferences and easy to adjust.
  • BUILT FOR PROTECTION: Textured surface & waterproof material is great for keeping clothes clean while on a messy task.
  • MADE FOR VARIOUS USES: Thanks to its waterproof design, this apron is great for wearing during various jobs: serving, bussing, painting, pottery, dishwashing, etc.