SAFE HANDLER Knee and Elbow Pads Combo – Tough Cap | Thick Foam Padding, Adjustable Elastic Straps

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SAFE HANDLER Elbow & Knee Pads Combo

SAFE HANDLER Elbow & Knee Pads – Tough Caps are designed with a thick foam padding and vents for air pressure that cushions your joints offering relief and comfort for lengthy amounts of time protecting your elbows and knees. The hard polyethylene cap offers long wear protection for your elbows and knees while allowing for easy movement. The hook and loop closure straps make for a secure, yet comfortable fit with ease of putting on and taking off. These skateboard-style pads help prevent elbow and knee injury and while providing comfort

Pulling weeds in the garden, cleaning, working construction, outdoor activities, or extreme sports - no matter the job, your elbows will be in good shape and have you covered with SAFE HANDLER elbow pads.