SAFE HANDLER Lattice Reflective Safety Vests

Size: Large
Color: Orange


Product Description


SAFE HANDLER EVERYDAY Series Lattice Reflective Safety Vests are ideal for construction environments. It is also suitable for numerous work and recreational applications which require excellent visibility on the roadside or workplace environment. 2" Lattice Reflective Tape on the front and back is extremely effective on the streets when high visibility is crucial. Fluorescent fabric is perfect for public safety. These safety vests are easy to wear with other garments and gear in warm or cold climates. 100% knitted polyester mesh ensures that the high visibility color will not fade. An easy hook & loop closure is located on the front for ultimate convenience in quickly taking the vest on or off. Conforms to ANSI Class 2 standard.

· Built for Visibility Safety and Protection

New bright colored Lattice Reflective Safety Vests for maximum visibility, safety and protection.

Materials meet ANSI requirements and is suitable for many different applications which require

excellent visibility. 2" thick lattice reflective tape is placed on the front and back of the vest so that you're noticeable and bright in poorly lit environments. Available in bright fluorescent orange and yellow fabric mesh options.

· Built for Comfort and Durability

120 GSM Knitted Polyester Fabric is utilized to allow this safety vest the lightweight and durable features it has. For ultimate convenience and easy wearing an removal, we've designed this vest with a convenient front hook & loop closure for quick and easy wear or removal. 100% polyester mesh materials ensure the high visibility color will not fade over time. Made to be lightweight and durable for long lasting use.

· Universal for Various Activities

SAFE HANDLER EVERYDAY Series Lattice Reflective Safety Vests are versatile to wear in various different activities and environments. Your can wear these whether it is light or dark outside for maximum visibility and safety. Lightweight material makes it comfortable to wear in multiple working conditions, whether it is for construction, emergency response, industrial work, maintenance, roadside,

work, etc.

· Convenient Front Hook & Loop Closure for Easy Wear & Removal

Designed to be quick and convenient as well as easy to wear and easy to remove. The simple front hook & loop closure can be worn over other garments and activity gear whether it is warm or cold outside. The lightweight 100% polyester material mesh can be machine washed cold with similar colors.




Hook & Loop Style

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  • SAFE HANDLER Lattice Reflective Safety Vest, 80 GSM, Orange, Large, 2 PACK
  • EASY TO WEAR: Easy to wear over garments and highly breathable for warmer weather
  • DESIGNED FOR BREATHABILITY: 100% polyester ensuring the high visibility color will not fade. Lightweight mesh material for breathability and ultimate comfort
  • REFLECTIVE, MAXIMUM VISIBILITY: Comes in bright, noticeable fluorescent colors with 2” lattice reflective tape
  • ANSI CLASS 2: Conforms to ANSI Class 2 Standard

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