SAFE HANDLER Peva Apron, Polyethylene Vinyl Acetate | Open Back for Easy Removal, Waterproof and Disposable, WHITE (Case of 100)

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SAFE HANDLER PEVA Aprons aredesigned with Polyethylene vinyl acetate (PEVA) material prevents liquid permeation and contamination. Quickly dispense & throw away, perfect for fast-paced work environments. Ideal protection for jobs where fluid contact is expected, such as medical examination, food processing work, and dishwashing. Open back and adjustable ties allow you to find your individual comfortable fit. The pullover design eliminates ties at the neck and the opening in the back allow for fast removal.

  • SAFE HANDLER Peva Apron – Open back for easy removal, WHITE, 51” x 45”, (Case of 100)
  • DESIGNED FOR CONVENIENCE: Disposable for quick cleanup and minimized washing expenses. 51” x 45” disposable Polyethylene Vinyl Acetate apron includes wide neck opening and open back for easy wearing.
  • EASY TO ADJUST: Long back ties for easy fastening and individual comfort preferences.
  • BUILT FOR PROTECTION: Smooth surface prevents bacterial growth, wide bottom width for easy movement and additional coverage.
  • MADE FOR VARIOUS USES: Accepted for use in food applications and is ideal for any number of industrial or health are applications that require excellent particulate protection and barrier against water-based and nonhazardous liquids. Use for various applications including industrial, health care, scientific, dental, painting, and food handling tasks.