SAFE HANDLER Welders Leather Protection Kit

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  • SAFE HANDLER Welders Leather Protection Kit with 5 Piece Full Body Protection, 1 Pair, Brown/Red, 36 inch
  • FULL BODY PROTECTION: 5-piece full body welders protection kit includes ultimate coverage and protection against sparks or spatters for your body. Withstands high temperatures of heat for each part of your body. Available in both 36" and 48" long options!
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE HOOK & LOOP CLOSURES: Adjustable buckles are added to each part of your full body welders kit. This offers you and your employees a perfect, snug fit. The straps also keep your materials fixed in place and secure. The secure arm sleeve straps remain connected for equal weight distribution on your shoulders!
  • DURABLE & DEXTROUS MATERIALS: Made of Grade A split leather which is ideal for heat resistance and defense against spatters.
  • VARIOUS ENVIRONMENTS: Ideal for high temperature welding projects which require heavy duty hand, arm and full body protection. May be used in welding (MIG, TIG, Arc, Forge) & metal works, maintenance, renovation, oven, furnace, Stove, fireplace, barbeque, animal handling, carpentry, carpentry and workshop environments.