SAFE HANDLER Premium Work Leather Gloves

Size: 12 Pairs
Color: Black


SAFE HANDLER Premium Work Leather Gloves

SAFE HANDLER Premium Work Leather Gloves with Extra Leather Knuckle Protection. Our work gloves are designed with thick reinforced leather on the back of the hand for jobs requiring heavy knuckle pressure. Durable leather offers a heavy mass of material, aiding in superior protection. This also keeps the gloves in good shape for a longer amount of time.

Industrial work and maintenance, construction zones, carpentry, or renovation - no matter the job, your hands will be in good shape and have you covered with SAFE HANDLER gloves.

Image of the front of a Safe Handler Premium Work Glove

· Built for Safety and Protection

Safe Handler Premium Work Gloves are an excellent option for safety and protection when completing tasks that require good strong hand protection including yard work, heavy lifting, moving, etc. Constructed with heavy-duty leather knuckle protection which results in improved strength and protection.

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