SAFE HANDLER Reflect Pro Rigger Gloves

Size: 3 Pairs
Color: Reflective Pro




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SAFE HANDLER Reflect Pro Rigger Gloves

SAFE HANDLER Reflect Pro Rigger Gloves are designed with Grade AB split leather and a wide cuff for increased quality and feel as well as additional comfort and protective support for your hands, fingers, and wrists. Silver reflective backing strips are utilized to increase visibility, making these suitable for night work. The green fluorescent fabric also offers improved visibility so you’re more noticeable in poorly lit areas.

Roadwork, industrial work, and maintenance, construction zones, carpentry, or renovation - no matter the job, your hands will be in good shape and have you covered with SAFE HANDLER gloves.








· Built for Safety and Protection

Safe Handler Reflect Pro Rigger Gloves are your best option for night-work safety and protection in poorly lit work environments. Our Rigger gloves are constructed with tough AB split leather which results in better durability and a noticeably improved grip.



· High Quality, Comfortable Design

The soft, high-quality leather material used results in physical ease and ultimate comfort while performing constructive tasks. Grade AB split leather offers thicker, softer and better quality when in use. A wide cuff is used for easy on and off as well as offering additional forearm protection. These gloves are long-lasting and tough, as well as, soft and textured for pure tactile excellence.



· Fluorescent Fabric & Reflective Backing

Fluorescent green fabric and bright reflective strips allow extra visibility for nightly and daily safety. It’s crucial to be noticeable on the road or in poorly lit situations. Be confident that you and your employees are in a constant state of safety in hazardous road or light conditions.



· High Quality, Grade AB Split Leather

AB Split Leather is utilized for many general-purpose usages in environments including industrial, maintenance, roadwork, carpentry and more! This quality leather is as soft as it is durable and hard-wearing. Our Rigger Gloves are simultaneously defensive and tangible to allow a more perceptible touch when working on dexterous projects or tasks.




  • SAFE HANDLER Reflect Pro Rigger Gloves, One Size Fits Most, Pack of 3 Pairs
  • HIGH VISIBILITY: Rigger safety gloves for work are designed with silver reflective tape stripes to increase visibility, guaranteeing that you’re noticeable in poorly lit areas.
  • QUALITY & DESIGN: Our work gloves for men or women are constructed with AB grade Split Leather for increased quality and feel, while the wide cuff is constructed for easy wear and removal in fast-paced work environments that require you to frequently take them on and off.
  • FLUORESCENT FOR NIGHT WORK: Fluorescent for daytime or night time high visibility. It’s crucial to be highly visible and noticeable on the street at night or in poorly lit construction zones. Our fluorescent leather work gloves have fabric that is bright green for a stylish and noticeable look.
  • VARIOUS ENVIRONMENTS: Ideal for various environments like industrial, maintenance, renovation, carpentry, roadworks, construction and more!

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