Heart Compression Socks, Anti-Fatigue, Comfortable, Fits Adult and Youth

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  • ZAYAAN HEALTH Compression Anti-Fatigue, (15-20 mm/Hg)  Socks For Heart With Multi-Color
  • BOOSTS CIRCULATION – Colorful graduated compression socks for various activities help increase blood flow by moving in an upward direction to decrease swelling and improve circulation. Recommended by trainers and doctors alike. Ideal for nurses, runners, sports recovery, athletes, nursing mothers, varicose veins, diabetics, travel by plane, train, car, and plenty more!
  • SOOTHING & REVITALIZING – Ideal for being active on your feet, running or standing all day, and traveling without having the end result of aching legs, calves, ankles, and feet. Medical compression socks relieve swelling and were designed to be soothing relief for painful joints, legs, and feet. The energizing effect helps keep you feeling comfortable on your feet longer and helps shorten muscle recovery time, especially for runners with shin splints.
  • ULTIMATE COMFORT – Designed to provide the utmost support, comfort and relief during or after any activities that require long periods of standing, lots of athletic movement, or are even optimal for instances where you are stuck sitting in the same position for lengthy amounts of time, like during travel, or long working hours at a desk.
  • CONTROL ODOR – Kick off your shoes with confidence with graduated compression! The breathable, form-fitting, high-performance fabric helps keep your feet at an optimal temperature and is moisture resistant, when combined together - aids in controlling odors!
  • SPORTS COMPRESSION – Sports compression socks for women and for men (15-20mm/Hg) made with soft 87% Nylon and 13% Lycra was designed to help increase circulation and oxygen flow, while also helping reduce lactic acid build-up, aiding in muscle recovery while preventing fatigue and injury.

ZAYAAN HEALTH Sports Compression Socks are designed with Soft 87% Nylon and 13% Lycra. The graduated design focuses on working the blood circulation upward to relieve swelling in the calves and ankles. These socks are great for long days on your feet, sitting for lengthy amounts of time, or standing all day long. Travel on a long flight or drive comfortably without having to worry about fatigue, odors, or unwanted moisture!

For medical environments, nursing, sports, running, walking & jogging, traveling, muscle recovery, pregnancy, nursing mothers and more! - no matter the situation, your legs & feet will be covered with Zayaan Health Graduated Compression Socks. The superior fit, lightweight and comfortable design is excellent for all areas of comfort and relief.

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