ZAYAAN HEALTH Sports Compresion Socks (15-20 mm/Hg) Pack

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Size:Classic Pack of 4 Pairs

ZAYAAN HEALTH Graduated Compression Socks are designed with Soft, 87% Nylon and 13% Lycra. Graduated design focuses on working the blood circulation upward to relieve swelling in calf and ankles. These socks are great for being on your feet, sitting or standing all day long. Travel on a long flight or drive comfortably without having to worry about fatigue, odors, or unwanted moisture!

For medical environments, walking & jogging, traveling, pregnancy and more! - no matter the situation, your legs & feet will be covered with Zayaan Health Graduated Compression Socks. The superior fit, lightweight and comfortable design is excellent for all areas of comfort and relief.

  • BOOSTS CIRCULATION - Anti-fatigue compression trouser socks help increase blood flow, moving in an upward direction for decreased swelling and improved circulation. Zayaan Health is ideal for Sports, Athletics, Running, and Relieving Swelling & Varicose Veins
  • ULTIMATE COMFORT - Ideal for being active on your feet, running or standing all day, and traveling without aching of legs and ankles
  • SOOTHING & REVITALIZING – Gentle, soothing construction for relief in painful joints, legs & feet. Energizing effect to keep you up on your feet for longer hours of the day
  • GRADUATED – Designed to direct circulation upward for improved and increased blood flow
  • CONTROL ODORS – Kick off your shoes with confidence! Antibacterial for all day use. Odor & moisture resistance helps control