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Bison Life® is an industry leader setting new standards for protective equipment and creating solutions that are innovative, while maintaining
high-quality protection for industrial, commercial, and residential use.
From eye protection, face protection, hand protection and fall protection, our solutions aid in developing systems and processes, helping increase efficiency, while decreasing risks, enabling our customers to operate at peak productivity while maintaining safety. Designed for Safety, Value for Life™.


Protected everyday.



Providing protection to over 30 specific industries.


More than 40M products manufactured every year.


Serving customers in all the 50 states of USA.
Bison is the answer

Designed For Safety Value For Life™

Bison Mission
More Safety  |  More Quality  |  More Protection  |  More Value for Life

Bison Life® empowers communities and promotes environmental sustainability through top-quality safety solutions. We innovate and lead the industry with products that promote safety in workplaces and homes. Our commitment to excellence ensures that we always exceed expectations and provide exceptional value to our clients”.

About Us

Bison is a one-stop-shop for Industrial Safety, Industrial Cleaning, Food Safety, Health Care, and Household products in the USA. With a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction, we aim to surpass expectations by providing exceptional customer service, enhanced flexibility, and cost-saving solutions for in-store and retail operations.

Our wide range of products, including the popular brands Safe Handler®, Kleen Handler®, Kleen Chef®, Zayaan Health®, and Popular Life®, caters to various industries and households. We proudly distribute our products to over 10,000 stores nationwide, alongside more than 25 affiliate online partners.

Our main goals for achieving safety in these areas are to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses, improve compliance with laws and regulations, reduce costs (including significant reductions in workers’ compensation premiums), engage workers, and enhance their social responsibility goals.

General Safety: General aspects of safety which are common to all

Occupational Safety and Health: Particularly associated with the occupation

Process and Production Safety: Safety in the process and production etc.

Material Safety: Safety of the materials used in the production

Workplace Safety: Safety issues directly related to the workplace

Fire Safety: Fire safety, the risks associated to the industry

Electrical Safety: In general and, arising from the equipment used

Building and Structural Safety: Safety in general including installations as per existing building code

Environmental Safety: Issues of environmental safety (direct or indirect impact of the industry)

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Founder and CEO

M D Rafi

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“Bison Life® Protects, now more than ever. As CEO, I am determined to see our global expertise in manufacturing & Supply chain leveraged, to deliver innovative, sustainable safety solutions for our customers. As we confront the challenges ahead, your safety is our priority.”

MD Rafi, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer.

Today with 3,000 products across five national brands and 30,000 shipments weekly… we are resilient. We serve our customers with the highest standards. We take pride in our global employees, our ongoing growth and sustainable success. Working towards becoming a most trusted and preferred world leader in safety.

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Sr. VP SalesTom Scamado
VP OperationsChad Junkin
CFOBala Kumar
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Who is Bison?

Bison Life® is an industry leader setting new standards for protective equipment and creating solutions that are innovative, while maintaining high-quality protection for industrial, commercial, and residential use.

More from BisonBison Promise

Bison Life® is dedicated to safeguarding professionals worldwide. We continuously strive to ensure reliable, dependable and innovative safety products for all sectors and industries. When you see the Bison logo, you will already know and trust the quality, Designed for Safety, Value for Life™.


We continually offer products that are unique to the marketplace to insure our customers have a competitive advantage and maintain healthy profit margins.

Unmatched Quality

All our products meet or exceed the highest industry safety standards and are independently tested.

Transcendant Service

We value what our customers can teach us. We will work closely with you to understand your business goals and look for ways we can help you achieve them. Service to our customers comes first.

Competitive Pricing

Not only do we strive to produce the best equipment on the market. We also seek to bring them to you at the best value so that you can get the job done without breaking the bank