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Eye Protection

Safety glasses are protective eyewear designed to prevent injury to the eyes from various hazards such as flying debris, chemicals, and bright lights. They are commonly used in industrial settings, construction sites, laboratories, and during certain sports and recreational activities.

Semi-Frame Sporty Safety Glasses with Soft Nose Bridge, Anti-slip temples, Anti-scratch, Anti-fog coating. (Lens can be replaced)

Bison Life®, VisonSafe™ series SportzV™ safety glasses are a popular brand known for their durability and protective features. They are designed to provide eye protection in various environments, including industrial settings, construction sites, and sports activities. SportzV safety glasses typically meet stringent safety standards set by organizations such as ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and offer features like impact resistance, UV protection, and anti-scratch coatings.


Replaceable Lens


Light and precision engineering

cutting, and grinding operations

Turning & milling operations

Assembly & maintenance

Dusty environments


Overall, safety glasses are essential personal protective equipment (PPE) in many industries and activities where eye protection is necessary to prevent injuries and maintain eye health.

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